Wine Shelf at Upmarket restaurant in Paarl, Cape Town

Bespoke Food & Wine Consulting

I have worked in the food & wine industry for the past 4 years. I am able to provide you with bespoke wine consultancy, Cape Town food and wine travel itineraries and help you with hosting an event with ample wine support! Additionally, I am well versed on the best of the Cape’s wines and am currently studying my WSET Level 3. You can read more about me & my general services here and here.

I currently live in Surrey and have a range of wine related services that may interest you.

My services are always suited to your preferences and no services are alike. I am dedicated to make you, your guests or whoever is involved, feel at ease. I work completely transparently, the whole process and ideation of anything is an inclusive one.

Consulting over a coffee? We could do. Consulting with a selection of a taste of my favourite wines at the moment? Even better.

I offer the following services which are listed and expanded below –

Wine Consulting and Cellar Curation for your home

GO FORTH AND DRINK: wine events 

Cape Town Travel Planning and Bespoke Itineraries


Wine Consulting and Cellar Curation for your home  

Starting your wine collection or looking to fill empty corners of your cellar at home? I am available to consult with you and select the best wines to populate your wine cellar. This service is compromised of one-on-one consultations to discuss and map out the best way we can curate wines to reflect your personal preferences and construct a great selection of wines you can drink, entertain with or wines you might want to keep stored for years to come.

For information regarding private wine consulting and cellar curation for your home please email me at


GO FORTH AND DRINK: wine events

Own a restaurant? Looking to host an event which needs an extra bit of insight or wine list curation. I will happily ideate and put together a comprehensive and enjoyable selection for your guests to enjoy.

A note: No wine jargon involved. Maybe one or two but consider those party tricks. No one wants to fall asleep at an event with food and wine and I completely understand. This is wine 101… just without the eye-rolling.

You are welcome to contact me regarding other bespoke services or wine related consulting. I am open to discuss whatever needs you may have and if I am not able to provide you with the solution, I will happily direct you to the best in class freelancers, consultants and companies that will be able to help.

For information regarding GO FORTH AND DRINK please email me at


Cape Town Travel Consulting and Bespoke Itineraries 

On first glance, I believe that people have a misunderstanding of how to take on Cape Town alone (together with others or on a solo trip) and often find tourists touring this incredible city with tour guides by their side 24/7 when this isn’t really necessary. Cape Town is a small city, easy to navigate, easy to drive and when you’ve got an inside look as to what’s what and where’s where then it will definitely become a unique wining & dining experience as part of your Southern Africa trip.

Travelling from the UK or elsewhere? In need of a luxury or close to luxury itinerary and in-depth written maps and guides which are personalised for your interests, budget and company in food and wine?

I will personally consult with you for your upcoming trip to South Africa and discuss the opportunities and options for touring Cape Town on your own accord. From the best car rentals to building an appropriately timed itinerary essential for visiting the best restaurants – from underground bars to mainstream wine farms. This may be the best food and wine tour of Cape Town you will experience.

I am able to construct an in depth itinerary with everything you’ll need to tour the Cape with the freedom you’ve been looking for – perhaps you’d like to visit the winelands or read about where the best Chenin in Franschhoek is grown or in what region you’ll find the greatest oysters. You will be ready to go with a full pack of details including but not limited to: maps, fact brochures, tips, contact numbers, calendar, personalised cards of information relating to your chosen food & wine destinations. And much more.

The opportunities are endless and I would love to share my knowledge with you of the Cape by providing you with everything you need for a comprehensive food & wine centred itinerary.

For information regarding the itineraries I can create for you (from hotels to reservations) please email me at