A library of my favourite articles from newspapers, blogs or books. I may even drop in a film or 2.

Designing in the NOW Part 1: Design Observer – The title speaks for itself. One of my favourite series of articles by designer, Rachel Berger, who puts design in the 21st century in an understandable and witty form.

How to become a designer without going to design school | Karen X. Cheng – Filmmaker Karen X. Cheng gives a simplified guide to becoming a designer. This post includes all the references for design you could ever want. Although it applied to me more when I was looking into studying politics rather than design.. it’s still a great resource.

The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home – Leo Babauta’s post on decluttering is the reason I clear my room after hectic phases of my life. However, I am not a minimalist (to my disappointment). His writing and his blog is what inspires my minimal design styles or attempt at that.

Crème Caramel – We were shown this in a presentation at uni. The content makes you cringe. But it’s so well done.

Tenderete – Tapping into my occasional minimal obsession once again. This table encapsulates the meaning of less is more. Cutting it down to the basics of what you need for a functional piece of furniture – if furniture can be inspiring… this is an inspiring piece of furniture for any designer – from fashion to web design.

Third Industrial Revolution – Perhaps a bit late to this article but nevertheless, it is an interesting read.

0 Calorie Dessert Ad – Simple yet so effective.

You Are All Things – A film by Mark Brown, California filmed paired with a lovely poem by my (now) favourite poet (along with Charly Cox) Tyler Knott.

Tyler Knott – Not to be missed. Am I the only one who finds it strange how we are living in an era of great writers and artists and musicians and we aren’t realising that they could be the history that the future generations read. Mind… Blown. (Probably only my mind but still)

South African Products Reimagined – I love this. Best read with a cup of five roses, an ouma rusk and reference to the current packaging designs of the products.

Vernacular Typography – A website that shows all the uses of typography from different places and origins.

The Creation Of Adam – Absolutely legendary.

0.1 Beauty – Cute 3D + 2D animation. Love the colors and the simple patterns!