Victoria Bakos is a creative strategist and content director for omnichannel and online startups and SMEs. Refine your brand identity through your channels and build a wider creative strategy to help position yourself in the industry and create the most appropriate and relevant content for your business’ goals and the changing market. 

I am able to provide 360 skills for creating inspiring and aspirational content. I am also available to consult and work on a project by project basis wherever is needed. I am available in Surrey, London and Cape Town. 

My services span from social content creation and strategy, digital design, UX/UI, product development, brand asset creation, brand positioning, campaign concepts and execution, experiential project planning (pop-up shops, events etc), creative project management, photography and videography, all the way through to packaging, fulfilment planning (Brexit included!), copywriting and overall creative consulting. 

eCommerce Strategy

From startups to SMEs, my background will help you expand and find practical solutions for your brand or business. Anything from setting up analytics, fulfilment solutions to email marketing. 

Creative Solutions

Branding, Web & Application product design, Photography, Post-Production, Production, campaign ideation and more. Let’s construct the visuals around your why

Let's Talk.

Email me at or call +44(0)75412 37054