I am passionate about creating and ideating usable solutions for digital products. I am interested in financial technology and learning how beautiful brand identities meets corporate functionality. Further to this, I am interested in website development and have self taught various front-end code languages over the past 2 years.

I believe that everything is a work in progress, I follow and believe in agile methodologies. I enjoy working in small team environments where everyone brings a different specialisation and perspective to the project. I am currently living and freelancing in Cape Town, South Africa. I run social accounts, content curation and digital marketing for an upmarket restaurant group. Alongside this, I am constantly developing my skills in various fields as well as taking on freelance UI Design and photography clients.

Finally, I love working on creative and new exciting brands, I’m crazy in love with bright colours, clean design, tulips, light red wines, cable sweets and all Bread Ahead Doughnuts.

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